Friday, October 2, 2015

Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold - a book celebrating the first ten years of superkül architects

Delighted to finally share a wonderful project I was a part of.
The launch of Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold, a book celebrating the first ten years of superkül, one of Canada’s most progressive architectural firms. The result a beautiful, hand-bound volume that is graced with special silver varnishes and silk-screening, French-folded interior papers and subtle transitions of colour that mirror superkül’s processes. For graphic designers and architects this book is a perfect collaboration of design minds. 
As well as being part of the team in the beginning before I returned to Ireland many of my photos are throughout the book as well as on the cover which is a light study reflecting superkül's unique philosophy and process. “Instead of showing a house Superkül has developed on the cover, we showed light and how form affects light.” Blok Design
You can read more about the collaboration between Blok Design and superkül here… and it can be purchased through amazon.

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